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Hello my name is Reed Knackstedt and I am excited about sharing my Shaklee Experiences you!


I know in my heart of heart that I can be of great service to many people by simply sharing with them our body’s incredible ability to heal itself from virtually any disease or condition.  We are crying out for nutrition to heal us.  Nutrition that can’t be found in packaged, processed foods or drugs.  Nutrition that can’t even be found in the fruits and vegetables we find in the super market.  Nutrition that can only be found in Raw Whole Organic Vine Ripened Food.  Shaklee takes the best and purest of this Whole Food, tests if for purity, quality, nutritional content, and then turns it into Pharmaceutical grade Whole Food Nutritional Supplements.  They are then Tested for Purity, and Nutritional Content through out the process guaranteeing Shaklee’s standard of quality.  This is the Nutrition that our bodies are crying out to us for, Nutrients that we can use to build healthy cells and combat disease!  This is What I am offering through Shaklee!   Health!!


I see people with MS, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Weight Challenges, Low Energy, Chromic Fatigue, HIV, and other Auto Immune System Disease go symptom free.


My Shaklee Business allows me to have time and money at the same time. When I worked outside the home I never seemed to have spare time. I was spending my days, as an Air Taxi Pilot here in Alaska, and they were often 14 hours long. I had no time and not much money. I work hard building my business, but I choose my own hours, and decide when I'll be working.


I enjoy the tax advantages of having a home based business, and enjoy a healthy full life thanks to Shaklee! These are some of the things I want to share with others.